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Shopify competitors for Small Businesses - fesh. vs Shopify

If something is popular, that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for you. As you’re probably know this since you’re searching for Shopify competitors. Comparison between fesh. and Shopify will help you to choose the best Shopify competitor and make the right decision

Save up to thousands of dollars a year with with free built-in features and no transaction fees:

Create online store by yourself in a few simple steps - register, choose theme and add products. Or let us set up your new store and adapt the design to your needs 100% free! Just add the products and start selling!
Fix price - NO transaction fees, NO payments for extensions, NO limitations
You do not need to pay third-party services - probably, the industry's leading marketing and commerce toolkit included: Send Free emails and newsletters, Automate your marketing with the free Marketing Automation system, boost sales with Affiliate and Loyalty programs, Coupons and Gift Certificat and more!

Why get less and pay more?

87% of Shopify merchants say they rely on apps to run their business
and 1 in 3 Shopify merchants seek help (and pay them) from Shopify Partners every 6 months

The main cost of online store maintaining comes from order fees and extensions prices. fesh. doesn't require a reliance on third-party applications.
No Shopify and no other Shopify competitors offer free customer assistance program - we'll set up your new store and adapt the design to your needs 100% free. Just add the products and start selling! Just think about it - we'll save you up to 3 months of the store creation process and create a professional store 100% free ....

fesh. Shopify
Price from 25$/month
or from 250$/year

NO transaction fees
NO payments for extensions
from 29$/month
or from $313/year

+ 2% transactions fee
+ shopify extensions payments
Transaction fees NO Shopify takes 2% of transaction fee for all payment providers other than Shopify Payments
Themes quality Professional themes Free themes is too basic, and ultimately requires a need for multiple apps (for example, product reviews)
Who will create a store You can create the store by yourself
We can create a store for you 100% free!
You without any help
or agencies for 1000-4000$
Automated marketing tool to boost repeat purchases Newsletters Schedule
Smart automatic mailing depending on the buyer's purchase
Send related products to customer made purchases
Create an automated special offer, popular or new products mailing
The powerful email marketing system use ready email templates or create our custom templates
products and files attachment to your mailing
create different client groups
full statistic - views, open rate, unsubscribes, link clicks and more
Popups system - marketing, social approvement, notifications YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Rewards & Loyalty program YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Create PDF invoices YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Referral (Affiliate) program YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Product options and variants (size, color ect.) Unlimited Limited to just three product options per product
Product comparisons YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Marketing Tracking and advertising campaigns profitability calculation YES NO
Sell digital files and downloads YES NO
only with paid extension (+9-39$/month)
Sell serial codes and license keys YES NO
only with paid extension (+ up to 20$/month)
Staff accounts 10-Unlimited 2 (basic plan)
Separate prices for different customer groups YES NO
only with paid extension (+30$/month)
Coupons and gift cards Unlimited Gift cards only in Regular or Advanced plan (79-299$/month)
Multicurrency YES NO
Multilingual YES NO
Products and categories Unlimited products
Unlimited categories
Unlimited sub-categories
Sub-categories only with paid extension (+10$/month)
Corporate email ( YES NO
Multi-store YES Only with paid extension
(+49-299$/month) and only up to 10 stores!
Multi-Vendor Marketplace FREE for Unlimited sellers in Max plan Only with paid extension (+49$ /month for unlimited sellers)
Upsell and Cross‑sell Products YES Only with paid extension (up to $249.99 /month)
Checkout and account custom fields YES Only with coding
System and functionality customization In-house service with special prices
fesh. 100% flexible and adaptable to your needs
PPC marketing services (Google and social promotions) In-house service with special prices
Professional Google and social advertising service
Online store on a personal server with private IP YES NO
TOTAL $25 /month
or $250 /year
up to $500 /month
+ 2% transactions fee

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